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30 Things You Wish People Told You About College

30 Things You Wish People Told You About College This post is going to save tons of aspiring college students time, money, headaches, broken hearts, etc. Read it and discover 30 things you’ll be glad we told you about college. 1. â€Å"If possible, you should make sure the college you’re going to is accredited or it’s quite nearly a complete waste of time.† 2. â€Å"If the college isn’t worth a damn, you can get that same type/level degree through 2 year community college programs.† 3. â€Å"Community college credits transfer over to four year universities easily because of partnerships, while those from for-profit colleges do not.† 4. â€Å"Don’t take one class until you’re ABSOLUTELY SURE what your career path is. If that means waiting a bit and getting to work†¦do it.† 5. â€Å"Try not to miss a single job fair at your college†¦ever. It’s who you know in this world and how you know them, not what you know. Gather as much in-your-face time with potential employers in your field of study as possible.† 6. â€Å"Your ability to pass classes will get you a piece of paper with a shiny star, some highbrow writing with a nice font and your name on it. Your ability, or inability, to network will get you a great job or not.† 7. â€Å"Don’t just stick with what you know. Being the smartest guy in class is like being the coolest kid at nerd camp. Find something more challenging!† 8. â€Å"You should have your four years of college pretty much mapped out before you begin. You know exactly what classes you need and won’t waste any time or money.† 9. â€Å"Never procrastinate when it comes to signing up for important classes. Missing a class altogether can be a huge set-back.† 10. â€Å"Summer classes aren’t just for making up for your slack the year before, but also for getting an edge on the year to come.† 11. â€Å"It’s either get a job or an internship. Which one is more important to your career goals depends on your specific major. Keep in mind that once you enter the job market, an internship = experience.† 12. â€Å"Stay physically fit throughout college. It makes dating easier, the mind sharper and adds to the overall quality of your life during such a critically developmental stage. Plus people in shape get treated better and get more chances†¦sad but the truth nonetheless.† 13. â€Å"Yes, if you can and it doesn’t break some super-serious religious or moral inclination, go get some. Have sex! Most people don’t get to be around/sleep with young attractive college-age guys/gals much after college is over. Just protect yourself.† 14. â€Å"Studying abroad is something you should take advantage of while in college when you can get cheaper rates with tons of payoff. After college it becomes harder to travel like that without being in a career that requires it.† 15. â€Å"Make connections with important people like professors and those that work directly with anything having to do with internships. As they get more competitive it’s about who you know.† 16. â€Å"Keep a close eye on your reputation. It’s okay to be wild and crazy to a degree, but remember that someone’s always watching, especially when you’ve got high ambitions.† 17. â€Å"Do anything you can to save money on textbooks/non-textbooks for reading outside class. Is the college bookstore really the only place to get them? Heard of the internet?† 18. â€Å"Don’t be the poor college student who has to eat nothing but unhealthy crap all the time. Eat healthy! Do what it takes. Even if you have to wait tables in a local health-restaurant. Your brain takes up 30% of your daily recommended energy intake!† 19. â€Å"Don’t get swept up into the college blues. Depression sucks. It’s ridiculous. You’re young and in college rather than all the other horrible situations you could be in otherwise. Relax†¦Ã¢â‚¬  20. â€Å"Worry about being comfortable in your own skin. Be your own hero. Be your own best friend. After that new people will be attracted to you and making friends will be easy.† 21. â€Å"These college years ARE NOT going to be the best years of your life. You’re only getting started. College is transitory.† 22. â€Å"Taking a year off isn’t a good idea 90% of the time. Most never return and end up spending a fortune on a non-degree†¦Ã¢â‚¬  23. â€Å"Don’t depend on ANYONE else other than yourself to graduate. This includes advisors. Ultimately it’s your responsibility to take the classes you need.† 24. â€Å"Make sure you take any tech/computer classes seriously. The amount of human jobs in 2020 and beyond will be few.† 25. â€Å"Get a good amount of sleep each night. Seriously†¦Ã¢â‚¬  26. â€Å"Don’t get too comfortable.† 27. â€Å"Remember, most of the time the people in your class that are doing better than you aren’t smarter†¦they just work harder than you do.† 28. â€Å"Don’t be an idiot. Go to class!† 29. â€Å"Don’t just sit in class quite as a mouse or dozing off. Be engaged! This is costing money.† 30. â€Å"Take it easy with the gaming!† It’s your turn people. We couldn’t have possibly covered everything, so post a comment and tell everyone something you wish you had been told before doing the college thing.

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A Recurring Theme in the Letter of James is that of Doubleness' People Essay

A Recurring Theme in the Letter of James is that of Doubleness' People Say One Thing and Do Another - Essay Example In verse eleven, he stresses this point by saying that a fountain does not shed sweet and bitter water at the same since this is a powerful contradiction. Nor can a fig tree bear olive berries (McCartney, 2009, p.243). In (James 2:14-17), he stresses that faith without actions is death. For instance, if a brother is cold, ill-dressed and lacks food and you say to him ‘go well eat and keep warm, you have not actually helped him because you have not provided to him his actual needs. Thus, this is faith without actions and should not be seen among Christians. Just as the body without the spirit is dead, faith without works is also dead (James 2:26). James, therefore, earnestly and unconditionally discourages the act of double-mindedness among Christians. He encourages Christians to put what they say into actions or in other words that Christians should practice their actions (Batten, 2009, p.145). Circumstances and Background of the Letter Some Christian scholars claim that the le tter of James was authored by James the Just, who served Jesus Christ and the Lord as a slave. The postulation also describes James to be the brother to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is, however, denied by some other group of scholars who argue that the letter is pseudonymous. Although the book is named after James, it was actually written long after his death. This was written, as they say, by a Christian member of the early church James led before being stoned to death in the ‘60s. The book is purported to have been written and named after James in order to honor and respect him for his works (Johnson, 1995, p. 163). The author of this book could not be one of the disciples of Jesus Christ since one of them was called James, the Zebedee’s son, who was martyred in the year 44 CE. The epistle was not written by then, thus, he could not have been the author. The other was James the son of Alphaeus who was not particularly prominent in the record of the scriptures. This dis ciple was unusually outspoken and, thus, could he have written the book of James, he would have indicated that he was among the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. There is a strong evidence that the book was written by James the half-brother of the Lord Jesus Christ to whom the resurrected Jesus had appeared to in a special way (Mathew 13:55; Galatians 1:19, 2:9). This James was also remarkably prominent to the disciples of Jesus and popular among them (Acts 21:15-25). According to the teaching of the book with the Symmachian sect, it is questioned as to whether the teachings of James were heretical (McCartney, 2009, p.265). The greatest portion of the scholars of the Bible has a belief that the book of James was authored by James, who was the brother to Jesus the Lord. However, scholars like Jerome do not marry the idea and think that the book was written by James son of Alpheus (Mathew 10:3). The view of Jerome is widely supported by the catholic believers to date. The protestant c ommunity strongly deems that the writer of the book of James is James the brother to the Lord (Mathew 13:55). The Jews of Jerusalem once valued James so much and enthroned him at Jerusalem (Acts 25:11). James is recorded to have supported some of the Mosaic Law, and this might have led him to write that letter which was in conflict with the epistles of Paul (Acts

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Fairytail analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Fairytail analysis - Essay Example On the other hand, Cinderella does not cease doing good and being compassionate towards those who mistreat her. Finally, although she did not have fine linen like her sisters to attend the kings ball, her godmother comes to her aid and makes it happen. Later, she ends up being the beautiful princess that the king marries. Her good nature overrides the evil against her, and she ends up the most successful of all. Perraults ‘Cinderella’ is modest, depicting that humility uplifts the less fortunate and warning us through its moral that pride comes before a fall. In his story, Perrault exclusively illustrates humility and its consequences and what can consequently happen to the proud. Humility, compassion and kindness have been depicted throughout the story. Cinderella’s mother dies leaving her under the care of her evil step mother who continuously mistreats her. Her step sisters are no good either. Despite her circumstances, she at no time stops doing good. ‘The poor girl suffered silently, and never said a word to her father.’ She did all the house chores as her sisters adorned themselves; slept in the worst place while the rest enjoyed the luxury of well furnished rooms. None of these made her complain; instead, she kept all the pain to herself and not a single time did she stop carrying out her chores. Cinderella is not invited to the ball and has no quality linen to dress for the occasion; however, this does not stop her from helping her sisters choose the best dress for the occasion. She even goes ahead to make their hair in the best way possible. Perrault asserts, "She had exemplary ideas and marvelous advices on how they could fix their hair and dress appropriately" (Perrault). When the king throws a ball, her step sisters spend their entire time chatting about it and preparing themselves. They even make fun of her that she would be the laughing-stock if she appeared at the ball. Although they despise her,

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Cultural Differences Essay Example for Free

Cultural Differences Essay Dear Vice President of Production, Mark Jones, a Production Manager, has been transferred from the manufacturing plant in his hometown of Chicago to his companys overseas manufacturing plant in Osaka, Japan and I am writing to let you know the differences that Mark will experience in managing front-line plant workers in Japan in contrast to in the United States and also address how cultural differences may play a role in individual differences Mark will experience. Three differences that Mark may experience are: * Language Barriers * Technology * Politics In the United States individuals tend to speak loudly and are more assertive or aggressive when addressing workers or giving direction. Individuals in Japan speak softly and are generally more passive. With language barriers making a conscious effort to be considerate of others can aid in effective communication in the business setting. The increase of conduct business with each other is due to globalization. Technology aids people to connect one another much easier, however it may be easy for most but there are individuals that are completely lost when it comes to technology. Another thing to consider is the time zone differences. Yes you may be able to video chat with someone in Japan they are not in the same time zone as you are, so ensuring to conduct whatever form of communication you choose is considerate of the time difference. The way a company conducts business can be affected by political influences. Some cultures pose a strong sense of government pride, and nationalism. Other cultures tend to negotiate with companies that have minimum conflict with their culture. I believe with our help Mark can move overseas with minimum transition problems. I suggest these three things that could stand to aid Mark make the transition as smooth as possible. It is important that Mark researches the Japanese cultural. I recommended this because knowing what to expect can give him a head start so that he can address any possible doubts or concerns that might arise with the font line workers. Mark should be clear and careful in communicating with the workers. Due to the language barrier that already exists Mark has to be extremely careful when communicating to ensure the workers understand what he is asking or telling them to do. Finally Mark should regularly check with his employees to ensure they have what is needed for them to do their job as well as how things are going for them. Mark would also want to aid his employees in the transition as well. Not only doe’s transition problems affect Mark they affect the works as well.

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Elies Wiesel And Night :: essays research papers

Elie's Wiesel and Night Do you see that chimney over there? See it? Do you see those flames? Over there- that's where you're going to be taken. That's your grave, over there. Haven't you realize it yet? You dumb bastards, don't you understand anything? You're going to be burned. Frizzed away. Turned into ashes. Night is one of the masterpieces of Holocaust literature. It is the autobiographical account of an adolescent boy and his father in Auschwitz. Elie Wiesel writes of their battle for survival, and with his battle with God for a way to understand the wanton cruelty he witnessed each day. Elie Wiesel was born in a little, quiet town called Sighet, in transylvania where he had lived all of his young life. Quiet until the 1940's, when the city, and eke himself charged for ever, just as Europe, and for that matter the world. One day they expelled all the foreigners of the city, and Wiesels master in the study of cabbala (Jewish mysticism) of a foreigner so he was expelled too. The deportees were soon forgotten, he writes. However a few lines later he explains why this is relevant, and gives the reader an idea of what was going on in the minds of the jews living where he did. He told his story (referring to the expelled Rabbi) and that of his companions. The train full of deportees had crossed the Hungarian frontier and on Polish territory had been taken in charge by the Gestapo. The jews had to get out and climb into lorries. The lorries dove towards a forest. The jews were made to get out. They were made to dig huge graves. And when they had finished their work, the Gestapo began theirs. Without passion, without taste, they slaughtered their

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Dear slave trade officer

I am writing to you in concern of the slave trade that you and other people around you are running. I think its appalling the way you treat the slaves. Interviewing some people who have been on the trip too Jamaica and witnessed the cruelty has told me plenty of terrible things. When you actually arrived at the African countries, you would just snatch African people from there home villages. Families would lose the mother or children and never seeing them again. How would you like it if someone came and took you away from your family? After that you would tie up inside wooden cages and laugh at them. They would be tormented and have racist comments shouted at them. This is a disgrace to mankind. You treated them like animals calling them monkeys because of the colour of their skin. There still humans. Once your sailors crammed the slaves into the boat they would be chained together. They would have to lie down for weeks. From what I have heard you have been able to stuff up to four hundred and forty slaves in one ship. A doctor who had been on the boat said, â€Å"The floor of the boat was covered in blood and mucus resembling a slaughter house. After fifteen minutes I was so overcome by the heat, stench and foul air, I nearly fainted. With assistance I got back on deck†. When you said you fed them with healthy food, all you did was give a bowl of mashed rice and some vegetables per every ten slaves. What's worse is that they got a bucket to use as a toilet but most of them couldn't reach it. One man commented on the revolting behaviour on board your boat,† On board, the common sailors are allowed to have intercourse with the black women slaves whose consent they can get even when they refuse†. I find this very inhumane and disgusting. Mr John Hammold told me about what you do with dead and sick slaves, â€Å"When a slave died on the ship, the sailors went down and unchained the body and dragged the dead out onto the deck and through the body overboard. The ship captained by Mr. Slater got his worst slaves, which was over fifty. He ordered his men to get them onto the deck and throw them overboard too. Some of the slaves happily committed suicide by jumping over the edge because of the extremely harsh conditions they were in. All of this was because he thought he didn't have enough water for the rest of the journey. But when we arrived it turned out that he had plenty of water left and claimed that the slaves was his cargo and that he could do what he pleased with it†. You think that these people are just like some cargo and that you can do what ever you want with it. There not, they are ordinary people with human rights. Mr. Smith who was watching the slaves come out of your boat told me that the slaves got branded. Twice! This is a type of torture! He said that you needed four of your men to stop them struggling. The screamed as the piercing pain hit them hard on the back. Then their new masters brand the slaves again. The slaves then get humiliated again by the public when they get sold at auctions. I personally saw people treating the Africans worse than animals by letting the public touch, poke and examine them. The crowd would then comment on the slave's condition. Families would treat an auction as a â€Å"family day out† when taking there children to the auctions. Once the slaves have been bought they loose every part of their identity. Their names would taken and replaced with traditional English names. There religion Is lost and they spend some of there free time at church on Sunday mornings. The punishments are dreadful. I have personally seen slaves being tied up by the hands and then whipped several times continuously. While the owner who thought he was a holy man did not want to be disturbed while reading! The way you and other people treat slaves is outrageous. There shouldn't even be slaves. Putting chains around their legs and treating them worse than animals. Making dirty money out of it all. The Africans you have kidnapped have committed suicide because they hate their lives so much. You call them second-class people when they are just as equal as you. They also have human rights. Slavery has got to stop and so have you and other people's racism and total lack of respect to other people.

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Antibiotics - Discovery and Resistance

Antibiotics and antimicrobial agents are drugs or chemicals that are used to kill or hinder the growth of bacteria. Antibiotics specifically target bacteria for destruction while leaving other cells of the body unharmed. Under normal conditions, our immune system is capable of handling the germs that invade the body. Certain white blood cells known as lymphocytes protect the body against cancerous cells, pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites), and foreign matter. They produce antibodies which bind to a specific antigen (disease causing agent) and label the antigen for destruction by other white blood cells. When our immune system gets overwhelmed, antibiotics can be useful in assisting the bodys natural defenses in controlling bacterial infections. While antibiotics have proven to be powerful antibacterial agents, they are not effective against viruses. Viruses are not independent living organisms. They infect cells and rely on the hosts cellular machinery for viral replication. Antibiotics Discovery Penicillin was the first antibiotic to be discovered. Penicillin is derived from a substance produced from molds of the Penicillium fungi. Penicillin works by disrupting bacterial cell wall assembly processes and interfering with bacterial reproduction. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, but it wasnt until the 1940s that antibiotic use revolutionized medical care and substantially reduced death rates and illnesses from bacterial infections. Today, other penicillin-related antibiotics including ampicillin, amoxicillin,  methicillin, and flucloxacillin are used to treat a variety of infections. Antibiotic Resistance Antibiotic resistance is becoming more and more common. Due to the prevalent use of antibiotics, resistant strains of bacteria are becoming much more difficult to treat. Antibiotic resistance has been observed in bacteria such as E.coli and MRSA. These super bugs represent a threat to public health since they are resistant to most commonly used antibiotics. Health officials warn that antibiotics should not be used to treat common colds, most sore throats, or the flu because these infections are caused by viruses. When used unnecessarily, antibiotics can lead to the spread of resistant bacteria. Some strains of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics. These common bacteria infect about 30 percent of all people. In some people, S. aureus is a part of the normal group of bacteria that inhabit the body and may be found in areas such as the skin and the nasal cavities. While some staph strains are harmless, others pose serious health problems including foodborne illness, skin infections, heart disease, and meningitis. S. aureus bacteria favor the iron which is contained within the oxygen-carrying protein hemoglobin found within red blood cells. S. aureus bacteria break open blood cells to obtain the iron within the cells. Changes within some strains of S. aureus have helped them to survive antibiotic treatments. Current antibiotics work by disrupting so-called cell viability processes. Disruption of cell membrane assembly processes or DNA translation are common modes of operation for current generation antibiotics. To combat this, S. aureus have devel oped a single gene mutation that alters the organisms cell wall. This enables them to prevent breaches of the cell wall by antibiotic substances. Other antibiotic resistant bacteria, such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, produce a protein called MurM. This protein counteracts the effects of antibiotics by helping to rebuild the bacterial cell wall. Fighting Antibiotic Resistance Scientists are taking various approaches to deal with the issue of antibiotic resistance. One method focuses on interrupting the cellular processes involved in the sharing of genes among bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumoniae. These bacteria share resistant genes among themselves and can even bind to DNA in their environment and transport the DNA across the bacterial cell membrane. The new DNA containing the resistant genes is then incorporated into the bacterial cells DNA. Using antibiotics to treat this type of infection can actually induce this transfer of genes. Researchers are focusing on ways to block certain bacterial proteins to prevent the transfer of genes between bacteria. Another approach to fighting antibiotic resistance actually focuses on keeping the bacteria alive. Instead of trying to kill the resistant bacteria, scientists are looking to disarm them and make them incapable of causing infection. The intent of this approach is to keep the bacteria alive, but harmle ss. It is thought that this will help prevent the development and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria. As scientists better understand how bacteria gain resistance to antibiotics, improved methods for treating antibiotic resistance can be developed. Learn more about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance: Scientists Target Bacterial Transfer of Resistance GenesDisarming Disease-Causing BacteriaBacteria Discovery Could Lead to Antibiotics Alternatives Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work. Updated 05/01/12.